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The varieties of our banana plantlets;
Pisang Tanduk

The clone with the longest fruit, popularly grown on peat soils, usually intercropped with pineapple although monoculture cultivation is also practiced.

Pisang Berangan

Pale yellow green with moderate blemishes. Excellent dessert banana. Currently enjoying export market to neighbouring countries especially in Southeast Asia.

Pisang Mas

Excellent desert banana. Pisang Mas was an export variety to Japan and Europe in the early eighties, also known as Monkey Banana and Baby Banana in some exporting countries.

Pisang Nangka

187 cm long, 76 cm wide. Green yellow, moderate, no pigmentation. Creamy-white, firm of pulp colour. Cooking banana, plantain cultivar.

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Your Friendly Plant Tissue Culture Supplier
We serve you from the beginning of the process in the laboratory until the delivery of the finished trees from the nursery.

Emas Impresif Sdn. Bhd. is a plant tissue culture company that has been producing tissue cultured banana plants. The knowledge and experience achieved allows us to provide the growers with top quality bananas. The company has an advanced tissue culture laboratory and an extensive and modern nursery. The facilities are located in Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia. Emas Impresif's laboratory owns unique professional knowledge in this specific field, enabling it to provide very reliable and stable production. The route of the in vitro banana production, from the beginning of the process in the laboratory until the delivery of the finished trees from the nursery, is quality controlled throughout. The company is colloborates with Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) Sdn. Bhd, Northen Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA), and Research Institute of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia.

  • We Provide Vibrant Tissue Culture Ex-Lab and Tissue Culture Ex-Nursery
  • We help farmers doubled the astounding amount of increasing profit
  • We Train Masterful Courses To Help You Gain A Better Understanding of Tissue Culture
  • We Sell Quality EM's Product As Growth Stimulant and Soil Conditioner


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Managing Director
General Manager
Liyana Subhi
Lab Operator

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